Training Services

Comprehensive professional development trainings and consultations to government entities, non-profits, and businesses are provided to meet your company’s needs. Our interactive training solutions are designed to ensure best practice standards. With proven performance outcomes, our etiquette/protocol program builds confidence, teaches social skills, and manners. Please feel free to visit our Etiquette/Protocol website Pink Diamond Institute

We Offer


  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills

  • Success at public speaking, training facilitation and technical writing

  • On-site training available

  • Certified Etiquette Consultants

  • Certified Disaster Mental Health Responder

  • Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Specialist

Professional Development

  •      Culture and Diversity

  •      Conflict Resolution

  •      Leadership Training

  •      Effective Communication

  •      Customer Service

  •      Team Building

  •      Life Coaching

  •      Employee/Client Relationships

  •      Coping with Change

  •      Stress Management


  •      Manners Matter 101

  •      Manners Matter 202: Cultural Experience

  •      Disability Etiquette

  •      Business Etiquette

  •      Social Etiquette

  •      Children's Etiquette

Mental Health

  •      Child Welfare and Community Resources

  •      PRIDE Foster/Adoptive Parenting Certification

  •      Parenting Skills

  •      Behavior Modification

  •      Culture and Religion

  •      Employee/Client Relationships

  •      Boundaries and Personal Safety

"Manners can get you into places that education cannot" - Unknown